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Host a Tournament

USQ Certified Tournament Directors can host sanctioned, official, or unofficial events with the support of USQ.


  • The event's member compliance will be reviewed by USQ (including outreach to teams and updates to the TD).
  • USQ will provide a roster submission form.
  • A social media shout-out for the event will be provided by USQ if requested by the TD.
  • Proctoring opportunities for Head Referees and Flag Runners (if applicable) will be provided by USQ.
  • USQ will assist in additional planning aspects if requested.
  • The event will be listed on the USQ event calendar.
  • Usage of Quadball.one for scheduling.


  • Teams competing will have their game results count towards USQ's standings.


  • Insurance coverage provided by USQ
    • Certificate of insurance (COI) that provides proof of insurance for a facility, city, park and recreation district, etc. Naming an entity as additional insured may be available upon request. Specific insurance requests will have to be reviewed, and all insurance requirements or the request may be unable to be fulfilled if the event submission is submitted too late
  • Teams competing officially to have their game results count towards USQ's standings.


  • Playtesting rules can be changed if agreed upon by TD.
  • Teams competing will not count towards standings.


Who can attend a sanctioned or official event? Is there an extra cost for participants?
As a tournament host, what will I need to provide?
  • If used, certified flag runners must still be paid the standard league fee for all games, including unofficial matches.
  •  A list of all participants.
  • Conduct a player check-in before teams compete (if the event is sanctioned or official).
  • Certified head referees and certified lead assistant referees are paid the standard league fee for all games, including unofficial matches.
  • For unofficial matches involving Quadball Canada teams or players, including fantasy tournaments featuring American and Canadian players:
    • We will accept QC head referee certification instead of USQ head referee certification.
    • Lead assistant referees (LARs) will still be required. QC referees must have passed the written QC assistant referee, seeker referee, and head referee tests to serve in the LAR role.
    • Certified HRs and LARs must still be paid the standard league fee for these games.
  • If used, certified flag runners must still be paid the standard league fee for all games, including unofficial matches.
  • The facility for the event must include high-quality playing fields (soft turf or grass), clear field demarcation, ample on-site water, access to bathrooms, and food on-site or nearby.
  • Professional, non-playing medical staff must be on-site and be dedicated and designated in their role for the entirety of the tournament. Any injuries must be reported and submitted via. the event debrief form when the event has concluded.
  • Must provide standard and safe equipment, such as hoops, brooms, balls, and clear scoreboards.
  • Inform USQ of the Logical gameplay procedures, i.e., overall structure, pool assignment, bracket seeding, and tiebreaker mechanism, at least 1.5 weeks in advance.
  • Release a schedule at least 1 week in advance of the gameplay, referees, flag runners, and other volunteers.
  • Confirm that all tournament essentials (including those listed above) are reserved and planned for 1.5 weeks before the tournament date. USQ is happy to assist in securing the abovementioned essentials, given reasonable notice.
  • The event debrief form gets submitted 2 days after the tournament.
    • The form includes the submission of scorecards, a list of injuries, straight red cards or conduct violations, and confirmation of bulk score submission to gameplay.
What is the dedicated TD Rule for the season?

Each event will still need to have a certified TD organizing the event:

  • For tournaments with three or fewer teams and two or fewer pitches, the certified TD who is organizing the event may also have another role at the event (e.g., player, referee, coach, etc.). 
  • For tournaments with four or more teams with two or fewer pitches, there must be at least one dedicated, certified TD at all times.
  • An additional TD will be required for events with nine or more teams and three or more pitches. This second TD may also have another role at the event (e.g., player, referee, coach, etc.)
Does my event need to be sanctioned or official to offer field testing?

Field testing is open to all events. The guidelines are the same as previous seasons. Unofficial events may be approved for referee field testing provided they meet the following additional requirements: 

  1. Have a USQ proctor in attendance.

  2. Follow the current USQ or Major League Quadball rules. If an event does not use one of the rulesets, the rules must be emailed to and approved by referees@usquadball.org before proctoring can be confirmed.

  3. Have all required official positions filled during each field test. The referee positions necessary are a head referee (certified or being proctored), a certified lead assistant referee, at least one additional assistant referee, a flag runner, a scorekeeper, and a timekeeper.

Submit an Event

The event submission form must be submitted 1 month before the event. Events received after that deadline may be delayed, placed on the calendar, unable to receive a certificate of insurance, etc.

2023-24 Event Submission Form

Submit to host a sanctioned, official, or unofficial event for the 2023-24 season!

Resources for hosting your event, including TD certification steps, scorecards, and other event planning resources, can be found here. Any questions can be sent to christian.barnes@usquadball.org.