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Tournament Director Certification

Tournament Director Certification Program

Per USQ policy, all official games are required to be organized and supervised by a USQ-certified Tournament Director. 

Initial Tournament Director Certification Process:

  1. Sign-up for a USQ TD membership.
  2. Sign-up for the TD Certification program.
  3. Attend scheduled meeting with Events Manager Christian Barnes.
  4. Complete the Tournament Director Certification Exam (if required, will be emailed to TD).

Bulk Score Submission Template - Required

To have USQ official games in the standings, the TD must make a copy of this Template and fill out the information. Then, share it with gameplay@usquadball.org and upload it into their Google Drive event folder. TDs should submit scores within 2 days of the event using said Template.

Event Debrief Form - Required

For sanctioned/official events, this form must be submitted within 2 days after the completion of games.

Event Planning Resources

TD Policy Update Presentation

Information on the 23-24 TD Certification, expectations of the event, and policy updates.

Event Submission Form

Submit your request to host a sanctioned, official, or unofficial tournament. Please complete it 1 month before your tournament.