Membership Checklist
  • Register your team for the season
    • You must have registered for a USQ individual membership to gain admin access to your page, and also ensure your team registration fee is paid prior to receiving access.
    • You are able to have more than one admin for your team.
  • Set-up your team page on the USQ member website
    • USQ will build your initial team page prior to giving you admin access. This includes uploading your logo, social media/email links for your team, and team photo (if provided at registration)
    • Once you have admin access, you'll be able to make changes to your page, update roster, etc.
    • On your team page you can include practice info, your merch store, and other updates
  • Have your members register for individual membership
  • Review member eligibility/team eligibility
    • Listed at the bottom of the member registration page
  • Review Sports Engine training videos
  • Review resources available on the USQ Member Website
    • Listed under 'RESOURCES' tab
  • Download the Sports Engine App 
  • Complete the Team Licensing process for your team
Operations Checklist
  • Set your team budget for the season
  • Set your team fundraising plan for the season
  • Set your team events calendar for the season
  • Set up your account in Tourney Machine for event registration
  • Set your team recruitment/retention plan for the season
  • Review your teams roster in Sports Engine; if you need assistance email USQ will add individuals to your general team roster as they sign up for membership with the league. 
Season Play/Deadlines Checklist
Certifications Checklist
Requirements Check
Meeting with USQ
  • You should have been reached out to by a Regional Coordinator or USQ Staff Member at the start of the season for a meeting/check-in. If not, email