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Team Membership

  • Memberships always expire on June 30th.
  • Teams may register at any point during the year. 
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable


New teams - $200 + $5 (FOR TEAM LICENSING)

  • Regular season play and team ranking on the USQ website
  • Listing on the USQ website
  • Ability to obtain licensing with USQ to use the USQ logo and branding on jerseys and other merchandise created by your team
  • Eligibility to apply for grants
  • Access to fundraising resources
  • Free registration to one National Qualifier
  • Ability to qualify for the US Quadball Cup
  •  Opportunity to opt-in for a team fundraising page built by USQ hosted on GiveButter
    • USQ will advertise this funding page throughout the season.
    • Donations are tax-deductible for donors.
    • USQ will disperse funds quarterly to teams.
    • A 10% admin fee to USQ applies for any funds raised.
  • Free officials membership for players (automatically included when an individual signs up to be a player)
  • Free coach memberships for the team
  • Free non-playing staff memberships for the team
  • Free tournament director memberships for the team
  • Advising meetings with USQ staff for budgeting, season planning, etc

Teams not registered in the 2021-22 or 2022-23 seasons are considered new.

Official Team Membership Registration Form

College & Club Team Membership.

Unofficial Team Registration

Unofficial quadball teams registered with USQ to be listed in our team directory.

Individual Memberships

  • Memberships always expire on June 30th.
  • Individuals may register at any point during the year. 
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Discounts at USQ partner organizations (excludes Trial Membership)
  • Access to USQ training programs (excludes Trial, Tournament Director, and Non-Playing Tournament Director memberships)

Player Membership - $85

  • Insurance coverage while participating in official tournaments and sanctioned events in the U.S.
  • Eligibility to compete in official tournaments and to attend all sanctioned events
  • Free individual registration for USQ National Qualifiers & US Quadball Cup 2024
  • Free officials membership (no sign-up needed - automatically eligible for HR, LAR, AR, and flag runner certification)

Trial Player Membership - $15

  • Eligibility to play on one official member team for the duration of one sanctioned/official event 
  • Insurance coverage while participating in the above one event

Coach Membership - $0 (included with team membership)

  • Information to access online concussion workshop
  • Upon completion of the above, USQ coach certification
  • Insurance coverage while coaching at USQ official or sanctioned events
  • Free coach registration for USQ National Qualifiers & US Quadball Cup 2024

Non-Playing Team Staff Membership - $0 (included with team membership)

  • Free non-playing staff registration for USQ National Qualifiers & US Quadball Cup 2024

Non-Playing Official Membership - $25

  • Eligible for flag runner runner, HR, and LAR certification
  • Accident insurance coverage while working at USQ official events
  • Ability to be recruited, assigned, and paid for working as a head referee, LAR, or flag runner at a USQ official match

Tournament Director Membership - $0 (included with team membership)

Non-Playing Tournament Director - $5

  • TD certification access
  • Event support from USQ staff
  • Advising meetings with USQ staff for budgeting, season planning, etc
  • Ability to host sanctioned/official tournaments
  • Access to additional training and development resources throughout the season

Individual Membership Registration Form

Player, Coach, Official, Non-Playing Staff, Non-Playing & Playing Tournament Director (You do NOT need to have your certifications complete to do your registration).

Trial Membership Registration Form

Trial memberships are not eligible for USQ National Qualifier.

Trial Membership Upgrade Form

If you purchased a trial membership and wish to upgrade it to a full player membership, please fill out this form. Trial membership fees will be deducted from your player membership fee.

Bulk Membership Registration Request

If you'd like to purchase more than one individual player membership.



US Quadball membership is open to teams and individuals residing within the United States of America. Teams and individuals residing in other countries should seek to register with their respective quadball national governing body. If, throughout the season, it is discovered that a team or individual is not located within the USA, then that team or individual will be at that point barred from the league without a refund or eligibility to participate in further events. Any official games played by this team throughout the season will be disqualified.

 In order to be eligible to compete, at least one of the following must be true of the player:

  • Hold citizenship.
  • Currently living in the country and not actively participating as part of another league at the time of USQ member registration.
  • Have played quadball only in the US.

Individuals who have split residency and live part-time in the United States may be granted an exception to compete on a USQ team on a case-by-case basis. This includes if they participated with another national governing body for part of the season. Exceptions will be based on proof of split residency, extenuating circumstances, and discussion with the other country's national governing body as applicable. Requests for an exception must be submitted to membership@usquadball.org. Requests for an exception will be evaluated within two weeks of submission, and the exception must be granted before the player registers for USQ membership

Enrollment Verification Requirements

All players on a collegiate team must attend the same school unless they participate in the joint team development program. All students, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, of a university are permitted to play on their school’s collegiate team. Faculty, staff, and community members who are not enrolled in classes will not be allowed to play on a school’s collegiate team. A student from a college without an official team may not compete with a college team from another school (unless they have been approved for a joint team).

This season, enrollment will be captured when a member upgrades their membership. Teams may also provide contact info for a collegiate administrator to help with the process. Enrollment will only be required to be submitted once per year.

Enrollment verification must include:

  • Your Name
  • Your University Name
  • Current Term of Enrollment

College & Club Teams - Eligibility Requirements

A college team is composed of a group of students from a single school. A college team does not need to have a formal affiliation with their school to be registered as a college team. However, those teams with recognition from a school must compete in the college division and register as a college team. Forms of recognition may include:

  • Teams with the school name incorporated into their team name
  • Recognized student organizations
  • Club sports
  • Grant or funding recipients
  • Recipients of discounted practice or event space

Teams who represent a school are competing in the college division.

A school may have more than one official college team, provided they meet the requirements above. 

A club team may not have any affiliation with a college and may not use the name of a school as part of their team name. They may not receive any monetary or in-kind support from any school, including but not limited to free or discounted practice or event space. However, discounted practice or event space shall not be considered in-kind support if a community resident, unaffiliated with the school, could have obtained the space at the same cost.

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