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USQ takes player safety very seriously, and because quadball is a full-contact sport, safety must always be at the forefront of our minds. Concussions, in particular, are a constant concern in all sports that involve tackling. Please note that the youth version of our sport has adjusted physical contact, with no charging and little to no tackling (depending on the age level and preferences of the participants). 


To participate in a USQ hosted event (regionals, Sin City, and USQ Cup), all participants must have a full series of COVID-19 vaccinations (including at least one booster administered at any point post-vaccination), or have submitted a negative COVID test via this form. If a player, or official, is up to date on their vaccines and boosters, and submitted vaccination and booster proof in the 2021-22 season, no further action is needed. If they did not previously submit vaccination and booster proof, you can email proof to or submit via this form. If this applies to you, you likely already did this during registration on that site.

The timeframes for submitting the form for a negative COVID-19 test are:

  • COVID-19 Rapid Test: Must be submitted between 10am and 10pm EST the Thursday before the event.
  • COVID-19 PCR Test: Must be submitted between 10am EST Tuesday and 10pm EST Thursday the week of the event.
  • Vaccination Record (non-playing volunteers only): Must be submitted by 10pm EST the Thursday before the event via this form.

For non-USQ hosted events (sanctioned and unofficial), there are no vaccine or proof of negative test requirements.

COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting/Return to Play

If you are trying to report a positive COVID test, please use this form. Any positive cases from a member of your team must be reported to USQ.

Our policy for isolation has been to follow CDC guidelines. Current CDC guidelines state that those who test positive must isolate for at least 5 days and mask for an additional 5 days. We recommend that people within the window for masking do so when not playing. Detailed CDC isolation guidelines can be found here.


A concussion is a type of brain injury that changes the way your brain functions regularly, generally caused by a bump or blow to the head. A concussion can also be caused by a fall or blow to the body that results in the head and brain quickly moving back and forth.

It is very important that you and your team can recognize symptoms of a concussion, because a repeat concussion (a second concussion sustained before an individual recovers from the first) can greatly increase the likelihood of longer term problems. A certified healthcare professional should evaluate each and every athlete after a major fall and/or blow to the head. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has many valuable resources available for athletes, parents, and coaches. This brochure is a good place to start, but you should review all the CDC’s available information before your season begins. Please note that all USQ certified coaches are required to complete a NFHS concussion training session. This resource and more are available below.

Please also familiarize yourself with the Concussion Recognition and Response app

  • This app is not intended to replace seeking help from a trained medical professional, but guides you through concussion symptoms and recommends treatment options. This is a great resource for keeping your players as safe as possible! 


Starting with the publication of Rulebook 9 in 2015, USQ requires all players to wear mouthguards at all official games. This rule has been upheld with all latest editions of our rulebook.




USQ strives to produce safe events for its participants. A number of safety measures are put in place at each USQ produced event to ensure this. Safety requirements are also put in place and reviewed for any USQ Sanctioned event.


Certified athletic trainers are always on-site at USQ events. Medical tents are set up around the facility to ensure quick and attentive service can be provided. At USQ events, an ATC or EMT can medically disqualify a player at any time for any medical reason.


Players with concussions are not permitted to play in any games until they have been cleared by an athletic trainer or a primary care physician. If medical staff onsite see a player with concussion-like symptoms, the player must submit to a concussion test if asked to do so or they will be disqualified until further notice. If a captain notices one of their players with concussion-like symptoms they must escort the player to be examined by medical staff, or the captain is also subject to suspension for the remainder of the tournament.


Per the USQ Rulebook, all jewelry must be removed prior to gameplay.


Water is always available at each field and other key locations at USQ events. 


USQ has various policies in place to ensure safe conduct during events. Please review USQ’s Code of ConductFair PlayPlayer Disciplinary, and Unlawful Harassment policies. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure this event is a fun, fair, and safe environment for all participants. Violations to the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. 


If you or someone you know feels threatened or experiences an unsafe situation, please contact USQ Executive Director, Mary Kimball, They will work quickly and efficiently to resolve the situation and remove victims from unsafe situations. In pre-event resource packets, phone numbers are always provided to participants to ensure there are additional ways to contact USQ for any concerns.