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Volunteer and Officiate at USQ Championship Events

USQ events cannot run without the invaluable support of volunteers and officials. Regionals require over 25 volunteers, and US Quadball Cup typically requires over 200 volunteers, so any amount of time you can spare to help during the event is greatly appreciated! As a 501c(3) nonprofit, USQ is able to sign service hour verification forms, and therefore assisting USQ as an event volunteer (even if you’re playing during the event) can count towards any service requirements your team may have.



1+ Hour Per Day

3+ Hours Per Day

6+ Hours Per Day

Community Service Hour Verification

Free Admission


Free Volunteer Shirt*


Free Meal*


Free Housing*


*dependent on availability

To register, please complete one of the forms located in the table below. Volunteers and officials can be playing or non-playing, and many volunteer positions require no quadball experience.

All USQ events are following strict COVID-19 protocols, for more details please visit this page.


The registration forms are below. To speed up all future volunteer registrations, you can join the USQ Event Volunteer Database prior to completing a volunteer registration form, or you can do so in each event’s volunteer registration form. All registrations for Officials, apart from IQA World Cup 2023, should be done via the Officials Registration form.




Volunteer Registration

Officials Registration

South Regional

February 11-12, 2023

Columbia, SC

2023 South Regional Volunteer Form

USQ Hosted Events 2022-2023 Officials Registration Form

West Regional

February 18-19, 2023

Livermore, CA

2023 West Regional Volunteer Form

Southwest Regional

February 25-26, 2023

Round Rock, TX

2023 Southwest Regional Volunteer Form

US Quadball Cup 2023

April 15-16, 2023

Conshohocken, PA

US Quadball Cup 2023 Volunteer Form

IQA World Cup 2023

July 15-16, 2023

Richmond, VA

IQA World Cup 2023 Volunteer Form

IQA World Cup 2023 Officials Registration will open in 2023


Complimentary housing can potentially be offered to non-playing officials and volunteers who serve at least six hours per day. If you are interested, please complete this form. Housing must be requested two weeks prior to the Friday prior to the event.


Per USQ policy, officials will be compensated as follows:

  • Certified Head Referee - $20 per game

  • Lead Assistant Referee - $10 per game

  • Certified Flag Runner - $10 per game

  • All other positions are unpaid.

Teams will be assigned to provide referees and flag runners during several game slots. If a team does not fulfill their obligations or their officials do not show up for their games as assigned, they will be subject to forfeit for all remaining games of the tournament.

The USQ Referee Team assigns Head Referees, Lead Assistant Referees, and referee crews to games. USQ’s Flag Runner team assigns flag runners to games. Preference will be given to non-playing officials for assignments at USQ-hosted events (including regionals and nationals). 


A detailed schedule for volunteers and officials will be made available approximately two days prior to the event.

US Quadball cup team volunteer contest

USQ will offer multiple free memberships to the top three teams who volunteer the most hours at US Quadball Cup 2023! This opportunity is open to current USQ members. Volunteer roles include coordinating youth quadball, delivering equipment to fields, managing games, selling tickets, etc.

The team with the most hours served as general volunteers will receive one free team membership and seven free player memberships (an $850 value). The team in second place will receive one free team membership (a $290 value). The team in third place will receive a $150 credit towards team membership. Volunteers will never be scheduled when playing or officiating.

To sign up to volunteer on a player-by-player basis, please complete the volunteer form located here. To quickly sign up for the majority (or the entirety) of your team, please complete the group volunteer form here.

Please note that this contest only counts general volunteer hours served. Hours served as officials, scorekeepers, timekeepers, or goal judges do not count towards the general volunteer hour requirement. The USQ Event Volunteers team will attempt to schedule you for the maximum number of hours you indicate, however, you may be scheduled for fewer hours than you requested due to event needs (and so as not to waste the time of your players), and you will only receive credit for the hours served. Team volunteer shifts will be scheduled in order of when they submitted this form.


To volunteer, please complete one of the forms in the table above. Lunch will be provided for volunteers who work 6 or more hours in one day. Light breakfast and a free t-shirt may also be available. USQ events typically take place outside, rain or shine. When signing up, you’ll be able to register for the following roles:

Field Manager - These volunteers are vital to the tournament running smoothly throughout the weekend. They are responsible for checking that their field is fully staffed and running on time according to the schedule. They are the eyes and ears of event staff and are also responsible for relaying real-time information to staff. No quadball experience is required, just a passion for organization and keeping things on schedule. Pre-event training will be provided.

Floater - Volunteers who "float" between different positions, serving to assist wherever help is needed at that moment. Floaters must be able to walk/run quickly, carry potentially heavy objects, and be willing to help in any way possible. This position is ideal for those who do not have a preference, but still wish to help out.

Logistics - These volunteers assist with retrieving scorecards, running replacement equipment to a field, refilling water, ensuring security of restricted areas, assisting with set-up and tear-down, and similar tasks. Logistics volunteers must be able to walk/run quickly and carry potentially heavy objects.

Guest Services - Guest services volunteers will be a resource for guests on-site at the guest services tent: answering questions from teams and spectators about quadball and the event, providing directions, helping with lost and found, selling and checking tickets, serving as VIP concierge, etc. If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you.

Merchandise Assistant - Merchandise sales volunteers will assist event staff with the USQ merchandise booth. They will help organize inventory, explain and showcase offerings to customers, and do other things to assist event staff with the selling of merchandise. Event staff will be handling point-of-sale transactions including cards and all cash. If you have good customer service skills, this position will be good for you. Experience in sales is a bonus!

Youth Quadball - Youth quadball volunteers will be assisting with the youth quadball pitch: teaching the kids (and adults!) all about how to play quadball, setting up scrimmages, showing them drills, etc. A certain degree of flexibility is required; your main goal is to make sure the children have a safe and fun time. If you like to work with children, have patience, and have familiarity with the rules of quadball, this position will be good for you. Please note that you may need to play on the pitch with the children, so a reasonable degree of athleticism is necessary for this position.

Photographer - Take high quality pictures during the event. If you have previous experience shooting quadball or other sports, this position will be good for you. Please note that you may be asked to provide 10 samples of action shot photographs, with a preference for quadball action photography samples. You will also be required to provide your own camera gear and equipment.

Commentators - Facilitate game play coverage by announcing games with either play-by-play or color commentary. Make assessments on strategy, highlight exciting parts of the game, and give shoutouts to players and teams as you recount the action on the field. Be a part of the voice of quadball. This position does not require previous AV or broadcast experience, but does require an understanding of the rules and game.

Livestream Operator - Facilitates the livestream of specific games at certain USQ events. Tasks may include filming, commentary, and A/V equipment support.