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USQ Cup 2024 Gameplay Format

By USQ Gameplay Team, 03/21/24, 2:00PM PDT


The final list of attending teams for US Quadball 2024 is now available! The gameplay format has also been released.

Photo Credit: Shirley Lu


As US Quadball Cup 2024 approaches, many have been waiting in great anticipation for the gameplay format to be released. The gameplay team has worked long and hard deliberating what format will be most appropriate for each division - and it’s finally ready!

As described in the Gameplay Policies & Season Structure article, the 5 divisions at USQ Cup 2024 are as follows:

  • College Championship- D1
  • Club Championship Division
  • College Competitive- D2
  • College Open Division
  • Club Open Division

As announced, bids were awarded to teams during the season’s national qualifier events during the fall and spring. We have completed the process of distributing all remaining at large bids and finalized the number of teams for each division.

College Championship- D1

Photo Credit: Marcus Flinn

The College Championship Division (D1) will have 16 teams, separated into 4 pools of 4. Teams will play all other teams in their pool, with the top 3 teams in each pool advancing to bracket play. The 12 team bracket is shown below, and is also viewable here. Pools (A,B,C, and D) were announced Wednesday evening on March 20th.

Teams in attendance (alphabetically):

  • Arizona State University
  • Blue Jay QC
  • Brandeis Quadball
  • Columbia College Chicago Renegades
  • Creighton QC
  • Harvard Horntails
  • Illini Ridgebacks Quadball
  • Mizzou Club Quadball
  • Penn State Club Quadball
  • Rutgers University Quadball
  • SHSU Quadball
  • Texas Quadball
  • Texas State Quadball
  • The Michigan Quadball Team
  • UTSA Quadball
  • Virginia Quadball Club

College Competitive-D2

Photo Credit: Zach Shaffer

The College Division 2 has 16 teams. The teams will be divided into 4 pools of 4 teams each. Teams will play all other teams in their pool, and then the top 2 teams in each pool will advance to bracket play. The 8 team bracket is shown below, and is also viewable here. Pools (E, F, G, and H) were released Wednesday, March 20th.

Teams in attendance (alphabetically):

  • Baylor Quadball
  • Boston University Quadball
  • Brown Bears Quadball
  • Cal Quadball
  • Emerson College Quadball
  • Florida State
  • Marquette Golden Eagles
  • Michigan State Quadball
  • Minnesota Quadball
  • Purdue
  • RPI Quadball
  • Salisbury University Phoenixes
  • Tufts University Tufflepuffs
  • UCLA
  • University of Vermont Quadball
  • Virginia Reunited

Club Championship Division

Photo Credit: Kielan Donahue Photography

The Club Championship division will have 20 teams, separated into 4 pools of 5 teams each. Teams will play all other teams in their pool, and then the top 3 teams in each pool will advance to bracket play. The 12 team bracket is available below, and viewable here. Pools (W, X, Y, and Z) were released on Wednesday, March 20th.

Teams in attendance (alphabetically):

  • Atlantic Dragons
  • Bay Area Breakers
  • Boom Train
  • Bosnyan Bearsharks
  • Boston Pandas
  • Carolina Reapers
  • Chicago United
  • District of Columbia Quadball Club
  • Mile High Quadball Club
  • New York Slice
  • Ohio Apollos
  • Orlando Quadball Club
  • Pegasus QC
  • Seattle Sirens
  • Silicon Valley Vipers
  • Southwest Alliance
  • Texas Hill Country Heat
  • The Lost Boys Quadball Club
  • The Warriors
  • Twin Cities Quadball Club

Open Division

Photo Credit: Shirley Lu

For the Open Division, the gameplay format is yet to be determined. We will be deciding the format based on the preferences of teams in attendance, and games will be played over the course of Day 1 and Day 2.

Teams in attendance (alphabetically):

  • Brew Cities Quadball Club
  • Boston Red Pandas
  • Skyline QC
  • The OddBall Team
  • The Second Stars
  • Utah Venom

Recap of Season: USQ Qualifier Winners

This year, for the first time, USQ launched its series of national qualifier events for teams to earn bids to US Quadball Cup 24. A special congratulations to the winners of all qualifiers, in the club and collegiate divisions. 

Richmond Qualifier winners

Boston Qualifier winners

Champaign County Qualifier winners

Placer Valley Qualifier winners

Oklahoma City Qualifier winners

Graphics Credit: Abby Murschell


US Quadball Cup 2024 will take place at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex in Round Rock, TX, on April 13-14, 2024, in partnership with Go Round Rock.

Haven't bought your ticket yet? Click here and secure your spot now before they're gone!


Day 1 Schedule & Upcoming Captains Meeting

The day 1 schedule for USQ Cup 2024 will be available next week.

Captains meeting will be Wednesday, April 10 at 9 PM ET and all teams must have one representative attending. A calendar invite was sent to team contacts with a google meet link.

Email with any further questions.