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Rulebook Process Summer 2023

By USQ Rules Team, 06/05/23, 1:30PM PDT


USQ Rules Team has begun its process to evaluate and update the rulebook used for USQ official games for next season.


Last year, USQ revamped its process for updating the rulebook. This year, under the new Rules Team Lead Caleb Williams, the team has convened post nationals to begin conversations around necessary updates to the rules for next season. In addition to the ongoing rules suggestion form and all event and gameplay feedback forms from this year, the Rules Team will continue to consider the impact of rules on gameplay, from officiating to competition. 

Those interested in being involved with rulebook review, or any other volunteer roles within USQ, can learn how more here.

Feedback on the current rules can be submitted now via the following methods:


Rulebook Refinement Process 

Phase 1

The rules team will be composed of USQ staff, players, coaches, and officials focused on refining the rulebook. This team will search out community needs through personal and community feedback, as well as relevant USQ data. 

This committee will meet between May 17 and June 4  to review responses from the rules suggestion form, feedback from end-of-year surveys, and suggestions from USQ staff teams. This will lead to a creation of a list of rules to be reviewed this summer (found below).

Rules Under Consideration this Summer:

  • Boundary line consistency
  • Substitutions
  • Snitch zones
  • Swatting
  • Kicking
  • Gender rule
  • Hoop tag in
  • Roster limits
  • Card system
  • Score cap
  • Indoor pitch length
  • 2 arm push
  • 3rd dodgeball interference
  • Restarts
  • Resets
  • Start up
  • Mercy rule

If you have feedback on any of these topics, please email rules@usquadball.org 

Phase 2

The rules team will convene weekly from June 4 to July 30 to discuss different items from the above list. Feedback from the community, play testing during summer fantasies, and similar rules from MLQ and WCQ will be taken into consideration. The team will then come to a consensus on what change, if any, should be made. The team may also defer certain rules to be play tested throughout this season with changes considered next summer. 

Phase 3

After all rules have been discussed and a consensus has been reached, the rules team will meet with the officials team during the month of August to ensure any changes can be easily and consistently applied in the upcoming season. The rulebook for the 23-24 season will be released early September.  

Phase 4

A significantly shorter and more digestible version of the rulebook will be released early September to aid teams in teaching new players. This will focus on the basics of gameplay and safety to allow players to feel comfortable on the pitch the first time. This will not serve as a full replacement for the rulebook.

Questions or feedback can be directed to rules@usquadball.org.

Photo Credit: Tori Nutt