Before a captain or founder can start getting people together for a game, they must acquire the bare minimum of equipment. Teams with more funding or support should skip ahead for more advanced equipment. But for the captains who must improvise at the beginning, the following items are recommended.

  1. Simple goal hoops (6) – Duct-tape a hula hoop to the top of a large and readily available object (i.e., dorm or classroom chairs) or hang hula hoops from soccer goals (with permission first, of course).
  2. Volleyball (1) – Semi-deflated to the point that it can be easily gripped with one hand but still round enough to throw and pass accurately. 
  3. Dodgeballs (3) – Same condition as volleyball. 8.5 inch diameter is preferred. 
  4. Flag Runner tail and shorts (1) – A long sock with a tennis ball in the bottom, tucked into shorts that can be drawn up tightly with a string or a flag football belt. Yellow clothing is recommended.
  5. Brooms (14):
    1. Must consist of a rigid pole made of plastic (typically PVC pipe).
      i. This pole must be between 39 and 41 inches long.
      ii. The outer diameter of this pole must be between .75 and 1.25 inches.
    2. Must not have splinters or sharp points.
    3. Must not be attached to the body, clothing, or other equipment of the player. 


Once any team has a few games or even a season of play under its belt and some funding acquired, it should consider upgrading and developing new equipment. Recommended (in order of importance):

  1. Headbands – Enough for two teams: yellow (2), white (6), black (4), green (2). These distinguish one player from another and make life easier for teammates and referees. See the rulebook for details.
  2. Referee jerseys (3), cards for calls, and whistles.
  3. New goal hoops (6) – USQ players and teams have built various designs. These designs are relatively inexpensive ($150 - $250 for a complete set), durable, reasonably portable, and good-looking. These will increase the game's legitimacy in any community and increase all players' playing abilities and enjoyment. 
  4. Brooms (14).
  5. Mouthguards. They are required for official play and should be provided individually by players.
  6. Three-digit scoreboard (1) – These are simple, hand-operated scoreboards with flip cards that are flipped over a wooden, plastic, or metal board to change numbers. They should have six digits side-by-side, three in one color and three in another, large enough to see from all sides of a pitch (roughly two to three feet in width and up to one foot in height).
  7. Megaphone 500-yard megaphones are recommended, although they generally require an ample supply of batteries.